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polina shcherbyna

Polina Shcherbyna is a young emerging Ukrainian artist. She was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, on August 16, 1993. Polina was talented at a young age and was provided opportunity to study at the prestigious Kyiv Children’s Academy of Arts. In 2018 Polina graduated from the National Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, with a diploma in Master of Fine Arts. Since 2016, Polina has been a member of the Art Union of Painters of Ukraine. Polina works in three artistic disciplines of painting, photography and video. In her artworks Polina examines the themes of a person’s internal and external conflicts. Polina is still looking to define her creative artistic style but has already achieved much public recognition for her creative energy and spirit. In her double-sided paintings, the viewer is on an equal footing with the artwork that, are very unique, engaging and unforgettable. During Polina’s last visit to the USA, she was inspired and influenced by the well-known British artist David Hockney, where she created the dual-sided series Don’t Look Back. In spite of Polina’s young age, she has been very well received as a young emerging artist who has exhibited extensively in Ukraine and in the United States.
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