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Olga Rozumna

“Fine art and graphics have always been my passion and a reflection of my ideas.”
Olga was born in Odessa, Ukraine and fell in love with painting and graphics as a child. 
During her time at the Art Lyceum Ogla studied Cubism of Picasso, Suprematism of Malevich , Surrealism of Dali, the analytical art of Filonov and the symbolism of Vrubel and Klimt. This exposure to a diverse group of art styles has shaped Olga’s own perspective on art and played a major role in her professional career. Her Masters Degree from the Academy of Architecture has also played a significant part in opening up opportunities in the architectural field. 
Olga has been fortunate to work in Berlin, Odessa, San Francisco and currently has settled in New York. Through these varied experiences she realized her ambition as a professional graphic artists, creating her own unique approach to art. 
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