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Mikhailo Deyak

Mikhailo Deyak is a young Ukrainian artist who works at the intersection of painting and sculpture. Having received rigorous academic training as a student, he applies a meticulous and disciplined process to all his works and is constantly searching for new means of expression to translate his thoughts and feelings. He defines his practice as a balancing act between neo-expressionism and minimalism, with a keen interest in experimentation with new materials such as glass and metal. One series of his ideas often leads organically to the other. One of Deyak’s main driving themes is the coexistence of “Space” and “Humankind,” as evidenced by his abstract metal sculpture series “Genesis” where Deyak combines his keen interest in science with the workings of his subconscious, creating distinctively unique, visually impactful works with an emotional edge. While “Genesis” describes the emergence of something new, they are seemingly chaotic, yet they maintain order based on their form and content. In doing so, they truly capture the artist's fleeting feelings.  Deyak also offers us a series of minimalist landscapes on glass that reflect space as a psychological product of our inner world, which introduces us to another kind of spatial existence. 
Mikhailo recently completed a residency at the prestigious Brooklyn based Residency Unlimited. Listed by Art Investment magazine and by Forbes as one of the top young contemporary Eurasian artists in the 10 post Soviet republics, Deyak has shown in several prestigious venues around the world.
Mikhailo Deyak’s works are in the collections of the National Arts Museum of Ukraine and owned by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. For more information view Mikhailo's CV and website.
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