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Eduard Belsky was born in 1963 in the small village of Colki, located in the northeastern region of Ukraine known as Volin. Belsky was talented and provided opportunity to study at the prestigious Republican Art School in Kyiv and The Dnipropetrovsk Art School in Dnipro. In 1991 Eduard graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, faculty of monumental art. Since 1992 Eduard has been a member of the Art Union of painters of Ukraine and he lives and works in Izola, Slovenia with his family. Belsky collaborates with different Ukrainian and European art galleries and his works are recognized for his captivating and seductive energy. Eduard is mad and passionate about life and his positive energy and attitude conveys radiance and brightness  in all of his paintings. Eduard focuses on the core energy of his subject that captivates their purest essence that eliminates all extraneous troubles from the borders of his artworks. Belsky commits and gives fully of himself as an artist where his vibrancy for life and positive energy ends up in the painting itself. Eduard's being is fully immersed in meditation in the colors and brushstrokes on canvas, where his free spirit soars on the wings of fantasy that completes the brilliance of his artistic creations. Belsky produces large format paintings and has shown in several prestigious venues in Europe and the United States of America. For more information view Eduard's CV.
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